Katja Oldenburger
Kerstin Schmidt-Selkmann
Kerstin, our scientific expert, has been leading our data processing work for 15 years. Born in the hanseatic city of Rostock, she is a registered pharmacist, and a passionate expert in the field of pharmacy. She has a great sense for new developments, her ears constantly “on the railway track”, listening for new waves about to shake up the pharmaceutical industry.
Timm Ennemann
Timm is the managing partner but his roles go beyond supervising PHARMALINK’s team. With extensive work experience in the field, he is the chief consultant in charge of placing current developments into a broader context. Timm is also a skilful communicator, able to convey complex matters that arise in interdisciplinary teams in a simple and easy to understand manner, be it face-to-face or in a webinar.
Sophia Röckmann
Her unique education has given our health economist a great understanding of national and international pharmaceutical marketing strategies which she has internalised and independently applied to her work. An indispensable employee, she started out as junior key account manager more than six years ago, and worked her way up to senior key account manager. She was born in Muenster and despite her young age, she is a very skilful networker, providing great customer service. She helps our clients find their way through the “data universe”, providing them with the information and consultancy tailored to their individual needs.