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Individual level

In its representative studies and market analysis, PHARMALINK distinguishes between:

  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Pharmacies
  • KOL

In regulated markets where the authority to prescribe medication is limited, decisions are made on different levels. Today, reimbursement of medication is limited, and it is not just the doctor but increasingly the self-paying patient who makes decisions about the treatment approach. With almost thirty years of experience, PHARMALINK specialises in unlocking the ‘black box’ of the doctor-patient relationship in regards to therapy decisions. Using a variety of methodological approaches, we make this information accessible to market participants.

Changes in the healthcare market have impacted the decision-making authority of doctors with far-reaching consequences. Because of their ability to replace medication with generic drugs and biosimilars, pharmacies play a major role, and they can influence the doctor-patient relationship in regards to future therapeutic alternatives. Please note: PHARMALINK has a pharmacy survey panel!

In times of constant and sometimes erratic change, predicting developments in the health care sector is like looking into a crystal ball: Future changes may regard the framework legislation, the authority of individual institutions to set guidelines, or the reimbursement of medication and therapies by health insurances. We maintain a small but excellent KOL survey panel that highlights these strategic aspects for our customers.